Business Process Re-engineering & Performance Management


a2c Business Process Management Practice enables our clients to analyze, re-engineer and automate their business processes utilizing human workflow and business rules engine technologies which can create efficiencies and provide business unit owners with the necessary metrics to continually improve performance.


a2c has a proven methodology for performing Business Process Optimization and Re-engineering efforts which is based on industry standard methodologies and quality assurance frameworks.  Our approach utilizes best practices from Six Sigma Lean to ensure that the Future State processes are optimized with true value and ROI criteria to achieve measurable cost savings, decreased execution times and increased quality of service.

Business Process Re-engineering & Performance Management


This methodology will decrease the execution times and reduce inaccuracies due to human error which will minimize rework times.  This approach also serves as a foundation for instrumenting a process so that analytics can be captured regularly to achieve continuous process improvement or Business Process Intelligence.


a2c methodology is unique in that we utilize both Value Stream Mapping techniques and Key Performance Indicator data in order to accurately assess and determine problem areas within a process that should be optimized for improvement.  Many times these results can help us to formulate strategies for applying BPM frameworks to automate these manually intensive areas.  The information that is captured within the BPI framework can be presented to business unit members either through a portal-based dashboard or through regularly scheduled reports.  In addition, new business requirements can be modeled and simulated to better understand how it will affect your process before changes are made, enabling you to plan and react quicker.



a2c SDLC Delivery Model is comprised of over 30 years collective best practices and industry proven methodologies (RUP, Agile/SCRUM, RBT etc.) that allow our delivery teams to rapidly design, develop and implement solutions.  Our SDLC model has been designed to complement our project management methodology, utilizing iterative development cycles that enable project teams to provide consistently high quality, on-time deliverables - regardless of technology platform.


a2c “Center of Excellence” is a unique component of the delivery model, in that it provides all of the infrastructure, tools, frameworks, artifacts and methodologies for both our Field Service Delivery teams and our Off-shore Development site.