Cable & Telecommunications Sector


CASE STUDY #1 - Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy


Business Objective:  Our client is one of the country’s largest provider of cable services - and one of the world’s leading communications companies, focusing on broadband cable, commerce and content.  They selected a2c to elicit, compile and classify its strategic operational and informational reporting requirements.  As well as to estimate its explosive data volumes and query load over the next 18-30 months in order to determine if requirements exist that might drive them to use specialized data warehousing software and/or reporting appliances.


Solution:   a2c’s Information Services organization conducted a multi-faceted assessment of the client’s strategic reporting needs.  This measured both organic growth of existing reporting systems and driving organizational discussion around anticipated reporting needs based on the industry’s evolving and growing market.
a2c’s resultant findings and recommendations included:

  • Estimations of data explosion and storage needs for the Client’s Voice, Data, and Video businesses.
  • Empirical forecast / estimation of total informatics data capture and retrieval footprint, based on top-down and bottom-up perspectives of data growth, user community growth, deepening business intelligence and predictive modeling sophistication, and planned analytic application initiatives.
  • Recommendations on hybrid data warehousing architectures and frameworks - appropriate to address the Client’s formidable data streams and broadening reporting needs.
  • Next Step recommendations related to feasibility studies and Proofs-of-Concept, to validate, stress-test and benchmark a2c-supplied short-list of reporting technologies and platforms identified as viable candidates for the hybrid architectural component roles.


Benefits Realized:   The client now has identified next steps that will reduce the risk of planned business intelligence investments and a recommended architectural framework that can extend to address their planned and future data warehousing needs.   a2c continues its relationship with our client to explore the realization of the strategy and recommendations through technical proofs of concept and feasibility studies in support of their ambitious reporting, information and insight objectives.