Financial Services Sector


CASE STUDY #1 - Compliance & Risk Management Reporting


Business Objective:  A large Wall Street bank launched a major program to unify their Financial Reporting and Risk divisions to ensure the efficacy of their data across a complex and diverse set of products and services of their Investment Bank, Private Bank, and Asset Management organizations.  


In order to realize this goal, a2c provided our client with a deeper understanding of the information flows - originating both internally and externally - that feed Financial Reporting and Risk systems, and identified opportunities for improvement in both the efficiency and quality of these information flows. Because the bank had thousands of systems and interfaces, built and evolved over time, the first crucial step in this journey was getting an accurate, holistic and actionable picture of their “as is” information ecosystem.  


Solution:   a2c compiled a complete inventory of all types of data movement / sharing that fed Risk and Financial Reporting systems, and investigated and profiled particularly interesting subsets of this inventory to uncover Interface Rationalization and Data Quality Improvement Candidates.  


Interface Rationalization Candidates were identified through selective investigation and data profiling of the payload of interface populations of interest: interfaces whose patterns of source, target, scheduling, structure, and payload (transactions, products, etc.) met a2c-defined criteria for potential forms of full or partial redundancy and/or overlap. Data Quality Improvement Candidates were identified by analyzing the payload of interfaces and ensuring that they are sourced from the systems of record for the transactions, products, and/or reference data that they carry. These two streams of investigation and analysis resulted in a proposed roadmap - directing attention to potential data sourcing improvements with highest potential business value.  


Benefits Realized:  The solution has allowed the bank to identify opportunities for improvement in the efficiency and quality of flows of information into Risk and Financial Reporting, and to formulate the basis of a larger enterprise strategy for their Master & Reference Data utilized across their Investment Bank, Private Bank, and Asset Management organizations.


CASE STUDY #2 - Foreign Currency Trading Exchange Analytics


Business Objective:  Our client was a large market leader in the rapidly growing online FOREX (foreign currency exchange) industry, with a global client base from over 140 countries. The client selected a2c to launch a fast-paced initiative to bring contemporary Marketing Analytics capabilities to their rapidly growing organization:

  • Ability to convert “Trial Account Customers” over to a paying customer based on their trading history
  • Create a “lights out” operation for bringing timely and actionable business information to knowledge workers
  • Improve the selection process for identifying prospects and the effectiveness for their marketing and promotional campaigns


Solution:  a2c’s Information Services organization created a Dimensional Data Warehouse for their Foreign Currency Exchange consisting of a trade transaction subject area and all associated Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) software needed to automatically populate it nightly. a2c also identified several business areas where data mining / predictive modeling technologies were highly likely to deliver important insights for competitive advantage.

  • Established a repeatable method and extensible platform for bringing information to knowledge workers in easily-understood and actionable forms.
  • Described a path forward in evolving Gain’s marketing information capabilities from intuition-based to fact-based - and a means of quantifying the successes and opportunities in new marketing initiatives.


Benefits Realized:  The foreign currency exchange now has a reliable and high-performance platform in production for serving knowledge workers that can be readily extended to incorporate new subject areas.  a2c continues our relationship with Gain in leveraging more of the potential of this foundation to realize the benefits of the virtuous cycle of closed-loop marketing: planning, integrated execution, evaluation, refinement - with fact-based metrics driving continuous marketing performance improvements.