Life Sciences Sector


CASE STUDY #1  CRM - Master Data Management


Business Objective:  MediMedia is an organization that has enjoyed sustained and organic growth over many years, driven by enthusiastic marketplace acceptance of its ever-expanding portfolio of products and services to the Pharmaceutical industry. MediMedia’s IT ecosystem can be described as more of a product of evolution rather than architecture, therefore an initiative has been launched to modernize it and make it a differentiating asset of the company.


Investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Warehousing and MDM have been recognized as a vital piece of this IT strategy. In order to ensure that these foundational enterprise IT application platforms will interoperate fully, efficiently and meaningfully, and that these investments actually deliver all of their potential value to the organization and its clients.


Solution:   a2c was engaged to conduct a MDM Assessment to identify, classify, and capture MediMedia tactical and strategic requirements for Master Data to:

  • Enable the strategic ERP, CRM, and DW enterprise initiatives to succeed
  • Improve the organization’s ability to interoperate more effectively and seamlessly with its Pharma clients
  • Improve and streamline the dissemination of higher quality Master Data across the suite of MediMedia’s new and legacy products and services
  • Position MediMedia to discover, develop and commercialize a new generation of information-based products, by unlocking the insight potential of its data assets


Benefits:   As a result of the engagement, MediMedia was able to achieve the following:

  • Identify, describe, classify, and prioritize a holistic set of Master Data Management capabilities needed by MediMedia’s Triple-i Division, and enterprise-wide
  • Identify and describe both a technical and organizational Strategy for MDM Architectures and Governance
  • Create a high-level MDM roadmap of continuous delivery of business value and insight to the organization


CASE STUDY #2  Global Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing - SKU Rationalization


Business Objective:  Our client was a specialized pharmaceutical company whose history spans more than 160 years in over 100 countries with a concentrated focus on dermatology and consumer skin care therapeutics.


a2c was engaged to perform an assessment to determine which of their existing products and formulations could be consolidated and/or integrated into their Global Portfolio. The client was faced with disparate formulation, regulation and sales data from all of their global markets. Each region had their own method for tracking and managing product formulations which made it manually intensive to do any kind of brand/product analytics.


Solution:  a2c’s Information Services practice cleansed and transformed the client’s data into a centralized multi-dimensional repository utilizing standard Microsoft technologies. This solution enabled the client to achieve the following:

  • Allowed regions to enter and manage product formulations in a unified central repository
  • Consolidate product formulations which were nearly identical as offerings into their Global Portfolio
  • Provided consistent reporting and metrics across brands and global regions
  • Maintain local regulation data which was pertinent to product marketing strategies


Benefits Realized:  The company was able to increase profit margins across a diverse set of product offerings and take advantage of market opportunities that were now detectable.


CASE STUDY #3  Clinical Trial Dashboard & Reporting (CTMS)


Business Objective:  Our client was a global pharmaceuticals manufacturer, researcher, and developer of drugs to reduce pain and to improve human health. Through a series of outsourced services, the company uses multiple vendors to provide clinical study management, data collection and trial reporting. The company needed a better system to collect, store, analyze, and share information about research, development, and commercialization of medicines. In particular, the company had the need for a Clinical Trial forecasting tool that improved their ability to plan and manage Clinical Trial spending.


Within the environment, there was not a consistent approach to clinical trial planning and therefore budgeting was difficult to manage at the trial level. The company was seeking to select a standard tool to assist with clinical trial planning so that forecasting spend could be performed more efficiently and consistently. Part of the strategy was to leverage recently purchased BI products that included Netezza (Database platform), Informatica, (ETL tool) and Micro Strategy (Dashboard and Reporting tool).


Solution:   Utilizing the client’s existing infrastructure and working with other company personnel, a2c was engaged to provide Informatica and Data Architecture expertise:

  • Developed a logical and physical data model in Netezza based on the requirements and data sources
  • Developed ETL data packages from Source to Stage tables and then from Stage to Target tables. These packages were used to manage internal financial data as well as outsourced Clinical data.
  • Worked with client’s Micro Strategies resources to develop a Clinical Trial Dashboard and Reporting Application
  • a2c supported overall Project Management leadership with the client, including external data vendors for this initiative. This included the selection of resources, support for dashboard design, and overall cadence for the management of the dashboard implementation.


Benefits Realized:   The CTMS Dashboard provided an executive view of the Clinical Trials currently in progress along with the financial state of each Trial. Drill-down reports into study and site details including the accompanying financial information were also delivered.