Business Objective:  Many companies have looked off-shore to provide cost savings for some of their development, quality assurance and legacy application maintenance and support needs.  a2c has developed a unique service offering, which allows us to provide our clients with an “On-Shore” alternative to their IT applications development and quality assurance needs, that is more efficient and still cost competitive with today’s off-shore solution models.   Companies have realized that while their current off-shore solution is still saving them money, their total cost of ownership is higher than the blended rates their suppliers advertise due to the quality of work, logistic differences and most of all the lost intellectual capital.


Solution:  a2c has developed a model that not only allows our clients to enjoy a similar cost savings, but also provides them with a capability to incubate new IT talent for their organization that is already educated on their business environment, systems and technologies.   By utilizing domestic talent from the best technology universities in the country, we can deliver these solutions either off-site at one of our solution centers or on-site at the client’s facility in the form of a managed services engagement.   a2c will structure the engagement to ensure that your Service Level Agreements are met by co-mingling our experienced industry consultants with senior level college and graduate students that have full access to our proven development and quality assurance methodologies.


  • Web-Based and Thin Client Development
  • Legacy Application Maintenance & Development Support
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Enterprise Data Migration & Cleansing


Benefits Realized:  Clients are able to realize a substantial savings on their managed services engagements without sacrificing quality and have the ability to retain their intellectual property by hiring these young, talented resources who will be able to be contributors to their organization from day one because they are intimately familiar with their business processes, technology and work culture.