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New AWS Account Structure

The Challenge

One of iCrowdNewswire’s highest priorities was to optimize their AWS infrastructure. Their previous AWS account had three separate companies hosted in a single AWS account. So, A2C Cloud was tasked with creating an organizational structure inside AWS that maps against the three separate entities that make up iCrowdNewswire.

The ensuing step would then be to lift and shift each of the relevant AWS components into the designated AWS account. After this was complete, A2C would create a Dev/Test and Production environment in each AWS account. A2C Cloud aimed to work heavily on AWS Migration, Execution, and Support.

The Solution

After understanding Inari Medical’s goals, A2C Cloud created an efficient and secure structure inside their AWS account, that allows multiple business units to operate autonomously and securely. It was extremely important to ensure that only authorized individuals were able to create new AWS based services within specific accounts. Once accomplished, the next priority was to integrate Okta SSO with AWS SSO for authenticating and authorizing users to the AWS management console.

A big component of Inari Medical’s overall goals was centered around their data science team, so A2C created an AMI comprising of Data Science tools. The last step was to configure a data lake in the Data Science AWS account. This enabled the data scientists to package data and metadata for the datasets and to immediately share the data.

Benefits Realized

With their improved AWS infrastructure, iCrowdNewswire’s IT team’s efficiency increased by 13%.

New products were implemented much faster, which helped to increase profitability by 9%.

With the AWS OU Structure, iCrowdNewswire cut operating costs by 13%.

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