Say goodbye to server maintenance! Migrate your business to the cloud with A2C.


With our extensive expertise in the education space, we offer unparalleled AWS consulting services tailored specifically for your organization's needs.

Cloud Native Development

Customize, build, and deploy your web or mobile applications in the cloud with A2Cs Cloud Native Development services.


A2C provides a comprehensive range of services that aim to utilize the potential of AWS Lambda-based serverless systems fully.


A2C delivers holistic solutions from data collection to visualization to help customers organize and structure data through clear data pipelines to uncover actionable insights.

Artificial Intelligence & ML Ops

A2C spearheads innovation by harnessing the disruptive power of AI to unlock game-changing business insights.


Containers revolutionize how modern applications are built, deployed and run. With extremely rapid provisioning and superior efficiency, containers unlock innovation like never before.

Windows on AWS

Unlock the full potential of your Windows workloads with A2C’s Microsoft on AWS solutions. Seamlessly migrate and optimize .NET applications, SQL Server databases, and other Windows technologies to AWS’s scalable and secure cloud environment.

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Enterprise Data Management

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