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Artificial Intelligence & ML Ops

A2C Unlocking Actionable Insights

Machine Learning and Foundation Models

Machine learning models, like large language models (LLMs), are trained on vast amounts of data to offer predictions based on learned patterns and relationships. These foundation models provide the backbone for advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

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Generative AI: The Next Evolution

Generative AI represents the next step in artificial intelligence evolution. Trained on complex ideas, generative AI models can create new content and reuse training data to resolve issues. Companies leverage generative AI for applications like chatbots (e.g., ChatGPT), media creation, and product design and development.

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Intelligent and Relevant with AWS AI Services

Harness the power of machine learning combined with artificial intelligence to train your data for optimal operational efficiency. AWS AI services like SageMaker and Bedrock offer a range of tools for building, training, and deploying scalable machine learning models.

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AWS SageMaker: End-to-End ML Solution

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AWS Bedrock: Serverless Generative AI

AWS Bedrock is a serverless, fully managed service offering high-performance foundation models via a single API for building generative AI applications.

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Additional AWS AI Services

Amazon Comprehend: Natural Language Processing (NLP) insights from text.

CodeGuru: Automated code review for cost efficiency.

Amazon Lex: Simplified chatbot creation.

Amazon Textract: Intelligent search indexing and data capture.

Amazon Poly: Text-to-speech conversion.

Amazon Rekognition: Image and video analysis.

Amazon QuickSight: Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards with ML insights.

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Target Outcomes with AI & ML

A2C specializes in combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide unparalleled insights from our Data Engineers and Scientists. We help you automate, innovate, and accelerate projects by leveraging existing cloud frameworks, delivering scalable solutions tailored to your audience.

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Unleashing Cloud Potential with AWS and A2C

A2C helps empower developers, engineers, scientists, and data practitioners with AWS’s robust machine learning and artificial intelligence services. Rapid deployment of self-built and trained ML models accelerates project milestones.

Design Intelligent Apps with AWS AI Services

AWS’s growing collection of AI services allows teams to easily achieve optimal data usage by adding intelligent features and functionality, transforming applications and data models into smarter and more efficient solutions.

Contact A2C to unleash the power of the cloud and unlock actionable insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Equip Agents with Real-Time Assistance Guidance

The Power of Amazon Connect and Amazon Kendra each offer powerful capabilities that, when integrated, create a robust platform for enhanced customer experiences.

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Amazon Connect

Leveraging Amazon Kendra's Integration with Amazon Bedrock for Real-Time Assistance Guidance.

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Joe Cattie

Joe Cattie


As President of A2C since 2021, Joe Cattie steers the company’s ongoing success and expansion. He brings over 20 years experience driving transformation through technology consulting.

Early in his career, Joe was part of the meteoric rise of Alliance Consulting Group – recognized on the prestigious Inc 500 list for three consecutive years. There he crossed paths with future A2C leadership team, forging professional chemistry that persists today.

Joining A2C as Managing Sales Director in 2009, Joe has since elevated to President overseeing sales, service delivery and market growth. His vision has established A2C as a leader in cloud, data and infrastructure solutions.

Joe provides direct oversight for key accounts including Independence Blue Cross, Signant Health, Santander Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and many other large enterprises. He continues to guide clients on their digital journeys, crafting innovation through emerging technologies and the proper staff.

With technology accelerating at unprecedented speeds, Joe ensures A2C remains future-ready – continuously expanding skills and partnerships to equip clients to harness change as competitive advantage.

Under his leadership, A2C’s trajectory of success shows no signs of slowing. Joe steers a course of bold growth, embracing new frontier technologies to drive client outcomes.