Empowering Your EdTech Growth: Scale Effortlessly with A2C and AWS

Scaling your EdTech platform efficiently is crucial for success. A2C, and AWS, offer a seamless solution for businesses looking to scale. Learn how A2C’s expertise, combined with AWS’s powerful infrastructure, can drive your EdTech venture’s growth.

Why A2C and AWS are Your Ideal Scaling Partners

Effortless Scaling for EdTech Platforms

With an ever-growing user base, your EdTech application needs to be robust and scalable. A2C
harnesses the power of AWS services to ensure your platform can handle increased traffic and
data loads with ease. This scalability is essential for EdTech businesses aiming to grow without
technical constraints.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Solutions

Budget management is critical for any business. A2C’s approach with AWS services ensures
cost-effectiveness, providing a scalable solution where you pay for what you use. This model
aligns your expenses with your growth trajectory, ensuring financial efficiency.

Focus on Innovation and Content Delivery

A2C takes on the technical complexities of cloud infrastructure, allowing your team to
concentrate on their core mission: creating impactful educational content. This division of labor
ensures optimal resource allocation, fostering innovation and user engagement.

Enhanced User Experience in Education

User experience is paramount in the EdTech sector. AWS’s global infrastructure guarantees high-
speed and reliable access to your applications, offering a seamless learning experience to users
worldwide. This reliability is key to user retention and expansion.

Uncompromised Security and Compliance

In an era where data security is paramount, especially in education, A2C ensures that your
applications are secure and compliant with the latest regulations. AWS’s advanced security
features safeguard your data, instilling trust in your users.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse EdTech Needs

Recognizing the uniqueness of each EdTech business, A2C offers customized solutions. We
leverage AWS’s extensive services to create a solution that’s not just robust but also perfectly
aligned with your specific business objectives.

Expert Support and Guidance

Navigating cloud infrastructure can be challenging. A2C provides expert guidance and support,
ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud, aligned with your business goals.

A2C Partnership for EdTech Success

Partnering with A2C and AWS means choosing a path of hassle-free scaling, cost efficiency, and
focused innovation. Our collaboration is designed to ensure that your EdTech platform is primed
for today’s demands and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Unlock your EdTech growth potential and scale effortlessly. Contact A2C today 
to learn more about our AWS-powered solutions tailored for the educational technology sector.

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Empowering Your EdTech Growth: Scale Effortlessly with A2C and AWS

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Joe Cattie

Joe Cattie


As President of A2C since 2021, Joe Cattie steers the company’s ongoing success and expansion. He brings over 20 years experience driving transformation through technology consulting.

Early in his career, Joe was part of the meteoric rise of Alliance Consulting Group – recognized on the prestigious Inc 500 list for three consecutive years. There he crossed paths with future A2C leadership team, forging professional chemistry that persists today.

Joining A2C as Managing Sales Director in 2009, Joe has since elevated to President overseeing sales, service delivery and market growth. His vision has established A2C as a leader in cloud, data and infrastructure solutions.

Joe provides direct oversight for key accounts including Independence Blue Cross, Signant Health, Santander Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and many other large enterprises. He continues to guide clients on their digital journeys, crafting innovation through emerging technologies and the proper staff.

With technology accelerating at unprecedented speeds, Joe ensures A2C remains future-ready – continuously expanding skills and partnerships to equip clients to harness change as competitive advantage.

Under his leadership, A2C’s trajectory of success shows no signs of slowing. Joe steers a course of bold growth, embracing new frontier technologies to drive client outcomes.